Who are we?


A team with vision

Buy2sell was established in 2017 and since that day, there has not been a quiet moment.

Today Buy2sell is made up by Kristian (CEO), David (COO), Pia (Marketing), and numerous skilled employees; Mads (Software developer), Catherine (Operations Manager), Mikael (Warehouse worker), Christian (warehouse worker), Ingrida (Student worker), Abdul (Student worker) and Luca (Student worker).

As a team we make sure that new products are being listed on eBay, products are being tested and made ready for sale, to be packaged and shipped to the whole world.

As the last priority the team tries to keep the inventory current. We also handle products on a daily basis from our commission clients.

Buy2sells vision and mission originates from Kristians idea about selling used equipment, instead of discarding it.

Quickly the niche market on eBay was found, because you can sell everything here – worldwide!

As the small family home quickly filled, the opportunities to buy increasingly large inventories turned up at an increasing pace. When Kristian signed the first deal about buying a bankruptcy stockpile, the need to get his own warehouse increased. After a few moves and rearrangements Buy2sell now has an address at Jyllandsgade 30, Hall 6., Sønderborg in Denmark.

The vision of electronics not always only being discarded, but instead being sold on other markets, where the demand is, has grown tremendously. Used electronics are often discarded because companies quickly write down their goods. It is not necessary to throw it all out! It is always possible to find a buyer if you just expand the market beyond danish borders.

Buy2Sell on eBay

We are experts on eBay

As the inventory of more than 1000m2 is filled, our experience with sales on eBay are rising. Our shop on eBay has grown to a considerable size – we can therefore rightly call ourselves experts on eBay. We have Denmarks largest eBay shop!

Do you have an inventory for sale? Are you in need of someone to help you sell your products?
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