Why choose


We handle everything! – that’s why!

We empty, pick up, clean up and leave everything tidied up.

If you do not have the crew for it, we do. Whether it is an entire production line, bankruptcy or the shutdown of a company.

Buy2sell have the gear, the needed knowledge and the personnel to handle those tasks.

What are we interested in?

If you by any chance stumble across any of the goods you can read further below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

On the wanted list: 

All sorts of PLC parts, such as I/O cards, power supplies and CPUS are interesting to us.

Servo motors are interesting to us. Standard AC motors are somehow interesting though they have little value relative to weight and therefore often will be scrapped.

Servo drev and VLTs
All sorts of frequency drives and servo drives are good items.

HMI / industriel panels
HMI panels are on the very top of the positive list.

Pneumatics have lower inventory turnover, but it still sells, so we do purchase pneumatics.

New hydraulic equipment
Hydraulic controls, valves and motors can be valuable and are therefore of interest to us.

All sorts of sensors are interesting, though sensors such as basic inductive and capacitive sensors holds little value.

Test equipment
The value of test equipment varies a lot, but send a picture or stop by with the items, we can easily evaluate the value for you.

Everything in the area of robotics such as end-effectors, manipulators, peripheral equipment and of course robots are interesting to us.

Safety electronics
Safety PLCs, relays, door locks etc. are interesting to us.

On the not wanted list: 

Basic electrical cabinet items
Small amp used fuses, relays and run through terminals are generally of little interest, but if in doubt, then just send a picture of the cabinet,

Passive transformers
The value to weight ration is poor on smaller passive transformers. Large transformers can be of interest, as in all other cases, if in doubt, please reach out.

Used hydraulic cylinders
The cost it takes to ready used cylinders for sale surpasses the sales price, so they are not interesting to us.

Used inductive and capacitive sensors
Small standard inductive and capacitive sensors, does for unknown reasons sell poorly.